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CVSS v3.1 with Enhanced Impact and Attack Complexity edition.

Hover over metric group names, metric names and metric values for a summary of the information in the official CVSS v3.1 and HVSS v1.0 Specification Documents. The Specification is available in the list of links on the left, along with a User Guide providing additional scoring guidance, an Examples document of scored vulnerabilities, and notes on using this calculator.

Base Score

Attack Vector (AV)

Extended Attack Complexity (EAC)

Privileges Required (PR)

User Interaction (UI)

Impact Type (XIT)

Confidentiality (C)

Integrity (I)

Availability (A)

Patient Safety (XPS)

Secondary Personal Identifiers

Primary Personal Identifiers

Hospital Breach (XHB)

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HVSS Exploitability Subscore [0.1-10]:

CVSS Exploitability Subscore [0.1-3.9]:
Impact Type: Original CIA Patient Safety Sensitive Data Hospital Breach
HVSS Base Score

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ML model build ID: 0x00000

Temporal Score

Exploit Code Maturity (E)

Remediation Level (RL)

Report Confidence (RC)

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Environmental Score

Confidentiality Requirement (CR)

Integrity Requirement (IR)

Availability Requirement (AR)

Modified Attack Vector (MAV)

Modified Attack Complexity (MAC)

Modified Privileges Required (MPR)

Modified User Interaction (MUI)

Modified Scope (MS)

Modified Confidentiality (MC)

Modified Integrity (MI)

Modified Availability (MA)

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